Matt Otis and the Sound – 2014

Matt Otis and the Sound

Track Listing

  1. Take Me Home
  2. Down, Down, Down
  3. Make
  4. Darkness
  5. Karma
  6. Disease
  7. Love May Remain
  8. I Fell
  9. Bones
  10. You Will Know
  11. Grapevines

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Life Love Death – 2011

Life Love Death

Track Listing

  1. The Most Important Thing
  2. Voices
  3. Wither Away
  4. Love Inside My Head
  5. The Sea is Part of Me
  6. Slow it Down
  7. Life is a Drug
  8. At the Mercy of the Wind
  9. Happy to be Lost
  10. All We Ever Had

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Home from Home – 2009

Home from Home

Track Listing

  1. Existence the Myth
  2. Padlocked Door
  3. A Revolution of Peace
  4. 1984
  5. Unknown Truths
  6. Home from Home

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Concept and Theme

Home from Home is a concept album that revolves around the book “1984.” ….Ahhhh so that’s where the rat on the cage came from… While dealing with various lines of thought (Existentialism, Postmodernism, Epistemology, Metaphysics, etc…) on the latest album entitled “Home from Home,” the central tendency of the album lies around the idea that:

Man ultimately creates his own destiny regardless of what that destiny is …

While trying to escape any stereotypes placed upon him, Otis has sought to create an album that has quite simply fallen into it’s own genre. While seeking inspiration from virtually every continent on earth, Otis has sought to continue to expand his worldview and musical perception, while ultimately spreading the language of love through his music.

Morality Then Religion – 2007

Morality Then Religion

Track Listing

  1. Philosophical Suicide
  2. Stand Still the Futures
  3. The Origin of Faith
  4. Unite With a Drink
  5. An Ascetic at Heart
  6. Change Yourself
  7. Past Lovers
  8. Freedom
  9. We Will Die
  10. Irreligious

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Concept and Theme

In 2007 Otis produced his first album “Morality Then Religion,” which touched upon this question:“Is morality is a side product of religion, or is religion a side product of morality.” The album is a delicately crafted description of the blinding effects, which organized religion has created throughout the history of mankind, whether it be the crusades, human sacrifice, inquisition, burning of witches, and the modern crisis of 9/11 . The concept album ties itself around the idea that regardless of what separates humanity, we need to strive to become at one with one another while accepting our differences.

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