Quotes from Venue Owners, Booking Agents, Fans, & Friends

  • “Matt Otis and the Sound performed at my gallery “The Artseen” and they were the BEST!!! We really enjoyed hosting their concert and the audience loved their performance! We can’t wait to have them back!”

    Sherry Bradshaw

    Artseen Venue Owner

  • “These guys are great. I’m new to booking bands and they were incredibly helpful and easy to work with. They made sure the sound was at a decent level for the outside venue. The customers loved them and a number of my employees asked to make sure we have them back. All around awesome!”

    Megan Koons

    Appalachian Brewing CO. Booking Agent

  • “What a marvelous group :)!! Their music is fun and entertaining everytime! Matt Otis has indeed a very unique sound! I’ve seen them play on multiple occasions and they never disappoint with their performance. I highly recommend seeing them live and be sure to check out their original albums! You won’t regret it!!”

    Kitty Nichole

  • “I’ve seen this band live twice and on live stream twice. First time I saw them it was kind of a whim chance to go out to see some live music, I’m so glad I went. There’s a good energy at the shows and the music is very danceable,which I love. Plus Matt brings his sloth buddy with him. Always makes me smile to see that sloth. Granted it’s not a real sloth, still fun to see though. They play originals and have pages of request songs to chose from. I love when they play Rusted Root- Send me on my Way. Always a good time watching/enjoying these guys!”

    Amanda Pastor

  • “Matt performed the ceremony music for our wedding and it was PERFECT!! He is so friendly and easy to work with my guests couldn’t say enough great things about him! Thanks Matt!”

    Brittany Gentry

  • “Very fun and great sounding band, performing fantastic originals and unique renditions of classic rock favorites. Recommended!”

    Adam Mundock

    Festival Booking Agent/Promoter

  • “My boyfriend at the time was lucky enough to get Matt to play for us while he proposed at Rocky Gap Casino and it was nothing short of amazing! Matt sounded great and we can’t help but watch it over & over again. Thank you SO much for going out of your way and being apart of it! Hoping to include you in the wedding too!!! Thanks again!”

    Emily Garner

  • “What an amazing sound, and a Matt seems like a sweet guy with a good soul! Played a little bit of everything and played it all solid! My personal favorite, Leavin’ on a Jetplane, as it had my little sister and I both in tears and smiles . Look forward to hearing him again soon. I will be watching for his local performances.”

    Victoria Haid

  • “I love this band! I’ve seen them about 3 times, and they always put on such a fun, lively show! I like the music they make or cover, but even if you didn’t, it would be hard not to get into it. They’re very entertaining and energetic. I like how they cover some songs and include their own songs in the lineup, and the songs they cover are great as they are, but they put their own little twist on them that make them sound even better. Long story short, I would definitely recommend going to see them! I try to every time they come to the area.”

    Kelly Strada

  • “Great vibe! Everyone in our group loved this show. The best shows are when you find yourself dancing in your seat…and we were all dancing in our seats. Your originals are fantastic and your personal spin on covers is phenomenal. Your ability to take a request and sing it as if you’ve sung it for years was astounding. Your connection with your audience made the show even better. Thank you for an incredible night of music!”

    Lyn Salblotski

  • “Matt Otis and the Sound is an awesome band I highly recommend going to see them They totally rock!”

    Clifford Pee

  • “I have had the pleasure of having Matt Otis play at my annual Client Appreciation Party I have hosted for the past 5 years. His music is outstanding. My clients truly look forward to hearing Matt play. Folks can sing along, make requests or just sit back and enjoy. Matt is the ultimate professional, courteous, on time and his interaction with guests. Extremely talented musician and I highly recommend hiring him for an event or just treating yourself to an evening of great music.”

    Julie Nirshcl

  • “My wife and I had stopped at Rocky Gap for lunch. The pleasant surprise of the day was Matt Otis and the Sound! It was a great atmosphere to enjoy our meal and each others company.”

    Chuck Spitzer

  • “Matt, we love your music! So glad to have experienced your talent at Merritt Pond in 2017. Thank you for the cd, we love it and play it all the time!”

    Delrae Hagstrom

  • “Matt Otis and The Sound are easy to listen to. Great, fun music. It is a great mixture of music you know and Matt’s own creations.”

    Dina McGee

  • “Matt Otis played for our wedding last September 24th! He did an awesome job and made our day extra special! Thank you Matt!”

    Tina Datesman

  • “These guy’s sound great, very professional and a very tight musical group, catch these guys if you get a chance to see them.”

    Jim Eisenhart

  • “Excellent band!!! Love their music!!”

    Samantha Miller

  • “I have had the pleasure of enjoying Matt’s music on several occasions. At the most recent event, Matt performed both original music and covers of popular songs. He captivated the audience and made the event a blast! Matt has a unique voice and is incredibly skilled on the guitar. I have enjoyed getting to know him personally and look forward to when he performs again soon. Thanks for sharing your musical gifts, Matt!”

    Seth Lingenfelter

    Saint Francis University Booking